"In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity."

          - Albert Einstein

Nicholas B. Liappis, LPC, NCC, ACS licensed counselor offering a professional helping hand to children, adolescents, adults and families for 22 years! 

Covid-19 Update: Having been fully vaccinated, I am seeing other fully-vaccinated clients in-person, at my McLean office. Telehealth sessions are only offered to long-term clients who through no fault of their own, never knew I'd be moving to McLean.

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About Me

I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor native to Northern Virginia and for 22 years I’ve had the incredible opportunity to use my training, skills and experience to try to make a positive difference in the lives of many people, from young children to adults and from many different walks of life. By meeting people where they are, and not where they are expected to be, I empower my clients to lift themselves up to a place in life where they want to be. For children / teens who are too young to know, I work through play to shape behaviors and elicit their inherent strengths that will increase the odds of them discovering their potential of who they can become.

I help my clients turn difficulties into opportunities for personal growth and a more satisfying and rewarding life through promoting positive change. Through the use of individualized strengths-based and solution-focused interventions, I help my clients identify and achieve their goals for treatment, while measuring progress along the way.

It takes courage to acknowledge a problem and to face it head on, but you are worthy of living your best life!  I have the knowledge, training and experience to lend a professional helping hand.

6888 Elm Street

Suite 102

McLean, VA 22101

Areas of Specialty 

Note: Because child and adolescent behavior problems are often a function or an extension of problems within their family or home unit, proper assessment of parents’ and family functioning is essential. The younger the child, the more likely it will be that parent participation and involvement in the treatment process will be necessary. 


Anger problems / Behavior problems / Trauma and PTSD / Grief and loss / ADHD / Anxiety / Poor social skills / Depression / Low self esteem / Anxiety / School avoidance / Bullying behavior or victimization / Video game “addiction”/ Physical and sexual abuse victimization

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All the above, with the addition of:

Drug and alcohol use (most commonly marijuana) / Addiction / Stress management / Depression / Gender identity issues / Sexual identity issues / LGBTQ difficulties / Body image issues / School problems / Social media “addiction”

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Young Adults

All the above, with the addition of:

Transition of life issues / Work problems / Independent living skills

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All the above, with the addition of: 

Family conflict / Parenting problems

PLEASE NOTE: I do not specialize in the areas of marital / couples counseling, child custody competency evaluation, or Eating Disorders. 

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“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

  - Carl W. Buehner

Contact Me 

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